Ropetex and Powertex offer more sustainable lifting products

By choosing Ropetex or Powertex, you show that your sustainability and CSR policy has substance. We want to lead the transformation and set the standards for a more sustainable future in our industry. We have high standards, and work fact-based. In this way, we contribute to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Sustainable Product development
We also regularly develop innovative, sustainable products. Three examples:

  • r-PET webbing slings, round sling % web lashings
    In 2023 we lounged our innovative range of webbing slings, round slings, and web lashings made entirely of recycled polyester (r-PET). 
    These products all have a significantly reduced CO2e footprint. (More details in our newspost). 
  • Fall protection harnesses
    Our range of Powertex HW Eco fall protection harnesses are made from OEKO-TEX® approved fibres. This means that the material is free from hazardous chemicals and is made from recycled PET bottles.
  • Steel wire rope lubricant
    Our steel wire rope lubricant Ropetex Ultra Lube 2 is an 'Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant'. This lubricant has been specially developed to limit the environmental impact in environments where the steel wire rope comes into contact with water

Fact-based information
We believe it is crucial to communicate based on facts regarding sustainability. We don't like greenwashing.
All products in our range that are a more sustainable choice come with sustainability fact sheets where we clearly state the sustainability enhancements and improvements.

Pre-screened production partners
Our production partners and facilities in Europe and Asia are closely screened for safe working conditions and sustainable production processes. We work directly with our partners, avoiding intermediaries. Naturally, every producer signs our Code of Conduct.

Local audit teams
We continuously monitor quality, safety, sustainability, and working conditions on-site while we work together. We work with our audit team which regularly visits our production partners.

1. Quality and sustainability of the production process
Our auditors check the quality and sustainability of the production process through, among other things:

  • A thorough document assessment (including the presence of certificates such as ISO certifications)
  • extensive audits and control at the production location(s)
  • Conversations with employees and management at production sites

2. Working conditions
When it comes to working conditions, our auditors pay attention to, among other things:

  • wages
  • safety in the workplace
  • breaks and facilities (such as seating, canteen)
  • the furnishing of workshops and canteens
  • working hours and holidays

Training and information
Our local teams also provide the production partners with advice about quality, sustainability, good working conditions, and training. This approach leads to verifiable results. 93% of producers who have had a follow-up audit have improved their performance. 

Sustainability training in 14 languages
Sustainability starts with human actions. That is why we develop tools to stimulate sustainability throughout the organization. For example, in 2020, we developed sustainability training in 14 languages. This is how we can actively contribute to SDG 9: promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization.

Working together for a lower CO2 footprint
Our goal is to market only circular products ultimately. We're continuously looking to work together with innovative producers. This is how we support SDG 12: ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.

Also read more about safety & compliance.

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