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Lifting equipment

POWERTEX Lifting products are developed by Axel Johnson International – Lifting solutions group (LSG) and sold through companies that belong to the group.

In the POWERTEX Lifting product range, the group’s decades of experience and extensive knowledge about lifting have been brought together to develop lifting products with appreciated features and properties at an excellent price / quality ratio.

The production of POWERTEX Lifting products takes place in carefully selected production centers that meet our strict requirements in regard to technology, quality, social responsibility and sustainability.

The POWERTEX Lifting products range is under constant development and consist currently of extensive range of Chain hoists, Wire rope hoists, Trollies, Beam clamps, Shackles, Rigging screws, Wire rope grips, Round slings, Webbing slings and Lifting magnets. We also offer a range of Blackline products that are suitable for entertainment industry where lifting products should be as invisible as possible.

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