Always be sure of safe equipment, in accordance with laws and regulations

As an organization, you must be able to rely on equipment that is safe and that meets the relevant standards, quality requirements and laws and regulations. Whether you use fall protection, steel wire ropes, hoisting and lifting equipment or products for load securing. With Ropetex and Powertex you don't have to worry about any of this.

Ropetex and Powertex products are a safe choice for everyday use in general industrial applications. Each product is also compliant: it complies with applicable laws and regulations, including the Machinery Directive and relevant EN standards.

Detailed product specifications
And when it comes to safety, we go one step further. Our products are manufactured exactly according to our own detailed product specifications. And these often go beyond the requirements set by the standards. Every aspect of the product is carefully thought through, from detailed technical descriptions to marking and packaging instructions.

Working directly with producers
How do we ensure that all products are always safe and compliant? We work directly with carefully selected producers. They are selected after extensive screening by our locally present audit team. During such a screening, we assure, among other things:

  • the level of specialization in the manufacture of the products
  • the quality of the manufacturing process
  • the quality and the source of the materials used
  • whether the producer works with quality control systems, and really applies them
  • whether the manufacturer tests the products thoroughly and according to the rules after production

Periodic quality checks
Regular quality checks are also carried out after the screening. This is done by our local audit team. This team consists of local professionals, with extensive knowledge of, among other things, (European) standards and laws and regulations.

What do we check for?

During a quality check, the team checks the manufacturer on the following points, among others:

  • Competence (in manufacturing of the product)
  • Document control, ISO standardization and other required certificates
  • Working according to established ISO procedures
  • What raw material is used for manufacture? Where did it come from?
  • Traceability from end product to semifinished product and/or raw material
  • Technical details in the manufacturing process: is the product manufactured correctly?
  • Condition of the machinery: are all machines in order, what type of maintenance is carried out, are calibrations performed punctually?
  • Available test equipment and standard tests
  • Equipment of the in-house test lab, including machinery check and testing method
  • Description of the processes and whether this corresponds with practice

Does a manufacturer unexpectedly fail to meet the requirements? Then we will discuss how to improve this. If it turns out that the manufacturer does not improve on this, we will terminate our cooperation. This means with our own brands Ropetex and Powertex you can be sure that you are working with safe equipment.

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