Enjoy the reliable strength of our product range

Organizations in construction, processing, offshore, logistics and many other sectors operate safer and more effectively with the high-quality products of Ropetex and Powertex: two brands by Axel Johnson International Lifting Solutions Group.

Extensive expertise
Axel Johnson International Lifting Solutions Group is a global player specializing in hoisting and lifting technology, steel wire rope, cargo securing, fall protection and related services. Our extensive expertise and numerous years of experience are reflected in Ropetex and Powertex: high-quality products for everyday use in general industrial applications.

Traceable back to the manufacturer
When opting for Ropetex or Powertex, you know exactly where your equipment comes from. And that it complies with all relevant product and European standards. The reason for this is because we buy directly from manufacturers we have carefully selected. These comply with strict safety and quality standards and manufacture our products according to our own detailed product specifications. Specifications that often go beyond the basic European standards.

Sustainability and CSR: local audit teams
Besides quality and safety, Ropetex and Powertex are also synonymous with sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR). To ensure this, we have locally based audit teams, who carry out quality checks on our manufacturers. Our auditors examine the quality of the equipment and the production process, as well as sustainability issues and working environment. This way, you are assured of high-quality products that have been manufactured with a strong focus on safety, sustainability, and CSR.

High level of availability
You can also count on the reliable strength of our product assortment. And on high availability and fast delivery times - thanks tou our European distributin center and more than 50 stock locations across Europe.

Cost benefits
At the same time, you will enjoy significant cost benefits when opting for Powertex and Ropetex. This is through our focus on a basic range of popular products, and our scale, with our own brands available from more than 20 companies within the Axel Johnson Lifting Solutions Group.

High-quality, sustainable  and cost-efficient
In short, with decades of experience, specialized know-how and a distinctive approach, Powertex and Ropetex offer a vast range of steel wire rope, hoisting and lifting equipment, as well as cargo securing and fall protection products with excellent value for money. A high-quality, responsible, and cost-effective choice for many sectors.

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