• Not for lifting
  • Cr6+ Free

POWERTEX Handy web lashings are available as endless or 2-part lashings which suits almost all situations for light and mid weight transports.

Flexible and durable lashings made of high strength polyester yarn and steel ratchets and hooks.

Suitable for roof-racks, trailers and pickups.

  • Strong and durable with LC 1000 daN and STF 200 daN
  • Orange webbing with 2 black stripes for easy identification
  • Both long part and short part carry blue identification labels
  • Label gives information on STF and lashing capacity for different lashing connections
  • Each part is marked with a unique serial number for safe equipment registration
  • Year/Month calendar printed on the label where next inspection date can be marked or punched
  • All lashings carry a white label with important warning instructions and user instruction pictogram
  • Each lashing marked with QR code to access full user manual
  • Cr6 free galvanization – better for health and environment
  • Handy can be supplied with other lengths and other end fittings on request.

Safety factor Webbing min. 3, Rachets min. 2 & Hooks min. 2

  • Material: Polyester and steel
  • Marking: According to standard, POWERTEX, LC, STF, Length Manufacturing year, Batch number, Serial number, QR code, Inspection calendar, User warning instructions
  • Temperature range: -40°C up to +120°C.
  • Standard: EN 12195-2
  • Note: Protect the lashings from sharp edges
    Web Lashing POWERTEX Handy
    Web Lashing POWERTEX Handy hooks
    Web Lashing POWERTEX Handy 2-part packed
    Part Code LC
    Band width
    Design Fitting STF
    Colour Weight
    700900601000050 1 000 2 000 6 35 Endless 200 Orange 1 -
    700900801000050 1 000 2 000 8 35 Endless 200 Orange 1,14 -
    700900602200050 1 000 2 000 6 35 2-part Wire hook double 200 Orange 1,33 -
    700900802200050 1 000 2 000 8 35 2-part Wire hook double 200 Orange 1,47 -

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