Kit - Universal kit for access and positioning

  • Cr6+ Free

This universal kit is designed for safe access and positioning at heights.

The Universal kit includes a flexible double leg energy absorber P0727 allowing the user to be secured at all times and is attached to the harness both chest A-points.  

The positioning line P0031 is intended to be looped around a supporting structure and when the two hooks are connected to the harness POWERTEX HW PRO r-PET side positioning rings it allows the user to work freely with both hands.

The kit also includes an anchoring loop P0008 for the user to be able to create an anchor point on a roof where there is no built-in attaching point.

The carabiner H-037 is intended to connect the anchoring loop to the energy absorber P0727.

Delivered with a bag for storage.

1 x Harness POWERTEX HW PRO r-PET (size L)
1 x Carabiner SC, H-037
1 x Double Leg Energy Absorber 1,4 m, FL-2
1 x Positioning Line 2,0 m, P0031
1 X Anchoring Loop 2,0 m, P0008
1 x Bag type POWERTEX 28L


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