Flexible Lanyard POWERTEX FL-1

  • The product is equipped with RFID chip
  • Cr6+ Free
The Powertex FL-1 flexible lanyard is equipped with a shock absorber and is approved for 140 kg use. This lanyard is elastic, allowing it to stretch per the user's movements. The lanyard is securely sewn to a shock absorber pack, which includes a screw gate steel carabiner for attachment to a harness. Sewn-in double-action aluminum scaffold hooks provide reliable anchorage on the other end of the lanyards.

In the unlikely event of a fall, the shock absorber pack will rupture to absorb the energy of the fall. If this happens it reveals a white webbing that serves as a fall indicator. This feature lets users quickly identify if a lanyard has been used in a fall and must be removed from service.

The FL-1 flexible lanyard is manufactured to the highest standards and is designed to provide reliable fall protection for those who work at heights. It's also RFID-equipped (HF 13,56 MHz chip) for easy service, inspection, and asset control.

Carabiner: Screw gate carabiner (23 kN) acc to EN 362 marked with serial number
Scaffold hooks: Double action scaffold hook with eye (23kN) acc to EN 362 with 60 mm opening.
Hand washing: Allowed up to +40°C with mild detergent. 
  • Features: CE & UKCA approved.
  • Material: Polyester lanyard, Polyester shock absorber, Steel carabiner, Aluminum scaffold hooks
  • Marking: According to standard, CE-marked, UKCA-marked, Supplier symbol, Product identification, Max weight, Length (Nom), Length (Max), Production date, Serial number.
  • Temperature range: -35°C up to +50°C
  • Standard: EN 355


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