General: Lorry is the most common load lashing, that are used by most hauliers. The lashings can be supplied in different combinations depending on the need of the user. Every lashing is made of polyester and impregnated to create a smooth and strong lashing that is water and wear resistant.


  • Marking: According to standard, Marked and produced acc. to. EN 12195-2.
  • Standard: EN 12195-2
  • Note: The standard configuration is with double hooks, but it can also be supplied with other end fittings upon request.
Part Code LC (kN) LC (daN) Length (m) Design Width (mm) Color Min STF daN 2xLC (daN)
14.01LOR01ZZ100OE 17 1,700 10 Endless 50 Orange 350 3,400
14.02LOR01WD0595OE 17 1,700 0,5+9,5 2-part 50 Orange 350 3,400

LC = Lashing Capacity (straight)
2xLC = double (2xLashing Capacity)
1 daN = 1,012 kg