Steel Wire Rope ROPETEX S16

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ROPETEX S16 (and S65) steel wire ropes are the most commonly used type of steel wire ropes in the range from 8 to 38 mm. Both can be used for a variety of applications.

Available as S16 with Fiber Core (FC) or as S65 with Independent Wire Rope Core (IWRC). S16 is more flexible but has a lower breaking strength.

S65 is less flexible but has higher strength and is more dimensionally stable, especially when used on sheaves or drums.

Typical applications: 

  • Wire rope sling 
  • Hoisting installations 
  • Lifting rope 
  • Mooring cable 
  • Towing rope 
  • Lifting applications 


  • ROPETEX S65 is a very comparable rope with an Independent Steel Wire Rope Core (IWRC) instead of a Fiber Core (FC);

  • Rope construction: 6x36WS-FC
  • Marking: According to standard
  • Temperature range: -40°C up to +100°C
  • Standard: EN 12385-4
  • Fill factor: 0,5
  • RCN: 09


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