Ropetex Heavy Duty Lube 70 is a medium thixotropic gel lubricant with stable properties over a wide temperature range. It offers excellent corrosion protection against
marine working conditions. Heavy Duty Lube 70 is formulated for long life on static or
dynamic ropes in highly aggressive environments. Additionally, it has a good wash-off

Typical applications: Offshore cranes, standing rigging, mooring ropes; tower ropes, outdoor winches.

Application methods: High pressure equipment or brushing
Minimum application temperature: -20°C
Color/texture: Glossy black gel.
NLGI Grade: NLG10
Hot salt spray test: 720 hours
4-ball weld load: > 180 kgf

Available in 12,5 kg pail.

Do not forget to download the white paper with a lot of useful information about wire rope lubricants. It is free!
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  • Temperature range: -40°C up to +70°C
    ROPETEX heavy duty lube 70
    ROPETEX heavy duty lube 70
    ROPETEX heavy duty lube 70
    Part Code Description Weight
    142501250040 Ropetex Heavy Duty Lube 70 12,5

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