ROPETEX Thin Lube 30


Ropetex Thin Lube 30 is a semi-dry thin film lubricant that can be utilized in a wide range of applications, both in industry and construction. It has excellent penetration and
corrosion resisting properties. Thin Lube 30 also minimizes wear between the wires and
strands of a steel wire rope, and is therefore perfect for frequent use in harsh working
conditions. It also consists of components that reduce abrasive particle contamination,
the probability of lubricant ‘flinging off’ and a lubricant build-up

Typical applications: General industrial lifting, winch ropes, tower cranes, mobile cranes, dockside cranes and fishing ropes

Application methods: Portable sprayer or brushing/dripping.
Minimum application temperature: -5°C (product should be kept to at least 10°C for 48 hours before application).
Color/texture: Brown opaque fluid.
NLGI Grade: Solvent liquid
4-ball weld load: > 100 kgf

Available in 400 ml aerosol, 5 liter can and 20 liter can.

Do not forget to download the white paper with a lot of useful information about wire rope lubricants. It is free! (see the 'documents' tab). 

  • Temperature range: -30°C up to +60°C


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