Master Link Assembly MC1 POWERTEX

The POWERTEX Master Link assembly MC1 is part of the range of Powertex G10 Lifting Sling Chain Components. The MC1 assembly is made up of a master link and an integrated connector with a shortening hook. This convenient combination allows operators to easily adjust the assembly length according to the specific application requirements. Due to its integrated components, this part is more cost-efficient, user-friendly, and lightweight than traditional assemblies. The MC-1 is to be used for one leg chain sling assemblies.

Available for 6 mm up to 16 mm chain and from WLL 1,4t up to WLL 10t.
All models have a welded master link and forged connector.

Also available as MC2 for two-legged assemblies and MC4 for four-legged assemblies.

Powertex G10 Range benefits:

  • 25% higher capacity compared to traditional Grade 8 components
  • All POWERTEX G10 components are powder painted in luminous red
  • Multi-functional master links and components are included in the range to allow quick and cost-effective assembly of chain slings
  • The components meet EN 1677 part 1/2/3/4 +25% WLL
  • Each forged component is crack detection tested, and samples are proof load tested.
  • Each component is type tested in the factory and fatigue rated to 20,000 cycles at 1.5 times the WLL
  • Full traceability through a batch number
  • Replacement spare parts available
  • All components are chromium 6 free
  • POWERTEX 2.2 certificate enclosed with each box of components
  • The components may also be used with Grade 8 chain to EN 818-2. In such a case, the chain sling needs to be rated as Grade 8 in accordance with EN 818-4.
  • Marking: According to standard, POWERTEX + Model (MC1-6-10) + traceability code.
  • Temperature range: -40°C up to +200°C without reduction in WLL
  • Finish: Powder painted in luminous red
  • Standard: EN 1677-4
    (+25% WLL)
  • Note: All models are welded
  • Safety factor: 4:1
  • Grade: 10


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