General: Chain block designed especially for theater and show business. To avoid reflection all parts are of non-reflecting color. POWERTEX chain block has a compact and low buildt design with low dead weight. Hook with safety latch. Can be delivered with POWERTEX push- or geared trolley, or POWERTEX beam clamp.

  • Material: Chain and hook, toughened steel grade 8.
  • Marking: WLL, code and CE marking.
  • Finish: Black painted.
  • Safety factor: 4:1.
Part Code Code WLL
Liftheight (m) Liftchain Ø (mm) No of falls pcs Bridgeheight (mm) Hook width (mm) Weight
16.10PCB0050060BK PCH-050B 0.5 6 5 1 350 23 13
16.10PCB0100060BK PCH-100B 1 6 6 1 383 27 15