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POWERTEX Wire rope grip PWRG is approved for lifting when assembly is made according to the user instructions.

It is designed to be used with 6 or 8 stranded steel wire rope with steel or fiber core with tensile strength up to 1960 N/mm2.

Correctly mounted the assembly will withstand 80% of the steel wire ropes minimum breaking strength.

  • Safe - The grips are designed to assure high friction between wire rope and grip
  • Quick and easy to use – Only 3 grips needed for safe assembly
  • Quick mounting thanks to the recessed bolt head seats that hold the bolt while tightening the nuts
  • Low maintenance thanks to galvanization of grips and Dacrotized bolt and nuts
  • Features: PWRG-4, 6, 8, 10 are drop forged. PWRG-12, 16, 20, 25, 35 are casted.
  • Finish: Galvanized.
  • Warning: Not for use with compacted or hammered wire ropes. It is not recommended to use plastic covered ropes for lifting purposes with wire rope grips
    POWERTEX wire rope grip assembled
    The POWERTEX wire lock set consists of these parts
    Marking of the POWERTEX wire rope grip
    POWERTEX stamping on the wire rope grip
    POWERTEX wire rope grips are available in more sizes
    Part Code Code Rope diameter
    Thread No. of clamps when lifting* Torque
    121100400090 PWRG-4 3-4 M5 3 5 5
    121100600090 PWRG-6 5-6 M6 3 9 10
    121100800090 PWRG-8 7-8 M6 3 9 14
    121101000090 PWRG-10 9-10 M8 3 23 25
    121101250090 PWRG-12 10-12.5 M8 3 23 32
    121101650090 PWRG-16 13-16.5 M10 3 45 58
    121102000090 PWRG-20 17-20 M12 3 75 95
    121102500090 PWRG-25 21-25 M16 3 190 164
    121103500090 PWRG-35 26-35 M16 3 190 370

    * Minimum number of grips required to fulfill 80% of the rope MBL can vary, and must be according to local regulations (see local language).

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