• The product is equipped with RFID chip
  • Cr6+ Free

PTJ-S1 is easy to operate using the detachable handle. The jack can lift using the toe of the jack or from the top plate and the capacity is the same for both lifting points.


• Safe - Each hydraulic jack is dynamic proof load tested using load of 1 x WLL throughout a full travel cycle and examined before delivery.
• Safe – the jack is equipped with overload protection device
• Housing allows 360 degree rotation for easy positioning
• Pressure relief valve operated by turning knob
• Adjustable lowering speed using the turning knob for smooth lowering
• Chromium 6 free surface treatment
• Equipped with RFID chip
• POWERTEX 2.2 certificate & EC Declaration delivered with each jack
• 14 language User manuals delivered with each jack
• QR code for on-site access to Multilanguage user manuals
• Fulfills Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
• Low height allows easy positioning under machines

  • Material: Robust all steel construction
  • Marking: According to standard, CE-marked, POWERTEX, Model, WLL, Manufacturing date and Serial number
  • Temperature range: -20°C up to +50°C
  • Finish: Powder painted
  • Standard: EN 1494
    Hydraulic Toe Jack POWERTEX PTJ-S1 with handle
    Hydraulic Toe Jack POWERTEX PTJ-S1 complete
    Hydraulic Toe Jack POWERTEX PTJ-S1 front
    Hydraulic Toe Jack POWERTEX PTJ-S1 detail
    Hydraulic Toe Jack POWERTEX lifting height of toe
    Drawing 5 ton hydraulic jack PTJ-S1 Hydraulic Toe Jack POWERTEX 5t drawing Drawing 10 ton hydraulic jack PTJ-S1 Hydraulic Toe Jack POWERTEX 10t drawing Drawing 25 ton hydraulic jack PTJ-S1 Hydraulic Toe Jack POWERTEX 25t
    Part Code WLL
    Model Force on the handle
    Min–max lifting height of toe
    Min–max lifting height of top
    5205PTJS105 5 PTJ-S1/5000KG 38,75 25-230 368-573 25
    5205PTJS110 10 PTJ-S1/10000KG 40,75 30-260 420-650 35
    5205PTJS125 25 PTJ-S1/25000KG 40,75 58-273 505-720 102

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