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POWERTEX Aluminum wire rope hoist PAPH-S1 is a compact and lightweight hoist that can be used for lifting, pulling and tightening offering very long lifting heights. It works with a steel wire rope running through the jaws of the hoist with a pulling speed of app. 3 m/min. The double sets of jaws open in turns so that the wire rope will always stay tight during the lifting/lowering operation.
20 m coiled steel wire rope with latch hook is included.


  • Safe – Each hoist is dynamic proof load tested 1,25 x WLL before leaving the factory.
  • Compact, lightweight construction with aluminum covers.
  • Durable construction with powder coated finish and plated frame components.
  • Equipped with replaceable shear safety pin that prevents overloading (5 spare pins included).
  • Equipped with rubber protection at the top opening preventing dirt from entering the hoist.
  • Carrying handle for easy transportation and handling.
  • 20 m coiled steel wire rope with latch hook is included and other lengths can be offered.
  • Hooks are designed to open at overload instead of breaking.
  • Hooks fitted with heavy duty steel safety latches.
  • RFID equipped (chip) for easy service and inspection.
  • QR code for on-site access to Multilanguage user manual.
  • Test certificate and Declaration of Conformity enclosed with each hoist.
  • 14 language User manual enclosed with each hoist.
  • Spare parts available.
  • Material: Durable aluminium/steel construction, Rubber handle
  • Marking: According to standard, CE-marked, POWERTEX, Model, WLL, Wire rope type, Serial number, User manual/QR code.
  • Temperature range:  -10°C up to +50°C
  • Finish: White powder coated body, plated steel parts and galvanized wire rope / hook.
  • Standard: EN 13157, EN 13414-1
  • Note: Only original rope can be used with the hoist!
  • Safety factor: 4:1
POWERTEX Aluminum Wire Rope Hoist
POWERTEX Alu wire rope hoist set
Steel wire rope in a reel
Handle parts
Rubber on the handle
Aluminum Wire Rope Hoist POWERTEX PAPH-S1 measurements Alu wire rope hoist drawing
Part Code WLL
Lifting height
Model Rope Ø
Lever length
Hand force max.
16.25PAPHS10080-20 0,8 20 Spare Rope 6,1
16.25PAPHS10080 0,8 20 PAPH-S1/800 8,3 800 34,77 426 235 168 60 64 - 800 6,5
16.25PAPHS10080-50 0,8 50 Spare Rope 15,25
16.25PAPHS10160-20 1,6 20 Spare Rope 11,5
16.25PAPHS10160 1,6 20 PAPH-S1/1600 11 1 200 40,79 545 284 190 72 97 692 1 200 12,5
16.25PAPHS10160-50 1,6 50 Spare Rope 28,75
16.25PAPHS10320-20 3,2 20 Spare Rope 23
16.25PAPHS10320 3,2 20 PAPH-S1/3200 16 1 200 44,66 660 325 230 91 116 692 1 200 23,5
16.25PAPHS10320-50 3,2 50 Spare Rope 57,5

* Wire rope movement after one full stroke with the handle
Weight is without steel wire rope

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