Snatch Block with Shackle POWERTEX PSBS-S2

  • The product is equipped with RFID chip
  • Cr6+ Free

POWERTEX PSBS-S2 snatch block is a heavy-duty snatch block that can be used for temporary or permanent lifting and pulling installations. The block can be used to redirect a wire rope or to increase the load that the wire rope winch arrangement would be able to handle in a straight loading without block.

The wire rope is easily inserted by removing the hair needle pin, unwinding the quick bolt and turning the side plate.


  • Safe - Each snatch block is proof load tested 2 x WLL and examined in the factory prior delivery
  • Safe - The quick bolt is designed to be positively held in place also when the block is open
  • Safe - The swivel assembly is designed to be securely locked also when the block is open
  • Durable - forged/machined precision sheaves
  • Conical roller bearings (8t and up) or bronze bearings (2t and 4t)
  • 2 grease nipples for quick maintenance of moveable parts
  • Hot dip galvanized shackle with safety bolt and nut
  • Sturdy side plates that protect the moveable parts
  • Identification plate made of metal instead of sticker
  • RFID equipped (chip) for easy service, inspection and asset control
  • Marked with QR code to allow access to user manuals at any time
  • 2.2 Test certificate and Declaration of conformity delivered with each block
  • 14 language user manuals delivered with each block
  • QR code for on-site access to multilanguage user manuals
  • Fulfills Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
  • Safety requirements conform to EN13157 and AS 2089
  • Material: Robust steel construction
  • Marking: CE-marked, POWERTEX, Model, WLL, Manufacturing date and Serial number
  • Temperature range: -20°C up to +50°C
  • Finish: Red painted
  • Safety factor: 4:1


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