• Not for lifting

POWERTEX Lashing chains PLC are made of high strength Grade 8 round steel chains and latch hooks at each end.

The chains are designed to allow quick and safe hooking to the trailer and to the load to be secured.

  • Safe – POWERTEX Lashing chains are strong and reliant and consists of EN standard compliant chains and hooks
  • Lashing chains are made to EN 12195-3
  • Black electrophoretic painted chains Grade 8 acc to EN818-2
  • Red powder painted clevis hooks with heavy duty latches acc to EN1677-2
  • Each lashing chain assembly is marked with a durable Aluminum Identification tag
  • Intended to be used with POWERTEX load binder
  • Multilanguage user manuals included
  • Material: High strength chain and hooks in Grade 8 acc to EN standard
  • Marking: According to standard, POWERTEX, Lashing capacity, “Lashing chain - Not for lifting”!, Manufacturing date, Batch number
  • Temperature range: -40ºC up to + 200°C.
  • Finish: Black electrophoretic painted chains and red powder painted hooks
  • Standard: EN 12195-3, EN 818-2, EN 1677-2
  • Warning: Not approved for lifting.
    Lashing Chain POWERTEX PLC
    The information label connected to the POWERTEX PLC lashing sling.
    Marking tag PLC back
    Lashing Chain POWERTEX PLC boxed
    Part Code Chain diameter
    Type CAD
    14.11PLC81390850 8 40 5 PLC8 -
    14.11PLC81390880 8 40 8 PLC8 -
    14.11PLC81391035 10 63 3,5 PLC10 -
    14.11PLC81391050 10 63 5 PLC10 -
    14.11PLC81391080 10 63 8 PLC10 -
    14.11PLC81391350 13 100 5 PLC13 -
    14.11PLC81391380 13 100 8 PLC13 -

    Can be delivered in other chain diameters and in any length

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